To all who find their way to my blog: welcome.

Part of my resolution for 2012 was to try my hand at blogging. Again. After abandoning a few other blogs in my wake, I’m giving this another shot.

My last blog, ‘One Girl’s Journey to the Altar‘ was a spin-off of my blog before that, ‘One Girl’s Journey.’  Somewhere in there, I started  ‘Project 365′  (the-picture-for-everyday-of-the-year-blog). As you might guess from the name, ‘One Girl’s Journey to the Altar’ was the blog my younger sister, (alias ‘The Girl Creative)  convinced me to write about my engagement and upcoming wedding.  The adjustments of being married were a bit much for me at the time to keep up with blogging,  so about six months after the wedding, I let all of them die a somewhat natural death. However, my enjoyment of blogging didn’t.

So, I’m at it again.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Kate, and I turned 38 yesterday, New Year’s Eve (some years a blessing, others a curse – but mostly a cool birthday).  I am a high school English teacher at a private school on Long Island. This is my 11th year teaching – and I’m starting to feel every bit of my age; the kids are 17 and 18 years old every year, but I keep getting older. Before my very eyes, I am slowly turning into the cranky teacher in the faculty room who just doesn’t understand what’s up with ‘kids today’.

I’ve been married for almost 2 years to a wonderful, darling sports addict, who has enriched my life in many ways, not the least of which is my understanding of football (I’m pretty proud of myself that I can now list several starting quarterbacks – and the teams they play on, to boot.)

I am # 3 out of 4 girls in my Italian family; I have 5 nephews, 3 nieces, no kids of my own (yet), 3 cats inside, and another 2 and half outside (one only comes around sometimes) – and they would be inside, if my husband had his way.

I am fiercely devoted to my faith – and not really my faith but the object of my faith, Jesus Christ – and I am not ashamed to say so.

So, this blog will be about just what the title says: life on this side of Eden – post-Fall, pre-Eternity.  We are in a precarious position, somewhere in between. There is so much beauty and tragedy to our human existence.  Daily, I see things that anger, frustrate, annoy, and depress me; but on any given day, in the midst of those things, I see things that impress, amaze, humor and move me, restoring my faith in humanity.

It is quite a story we are living  – with all the drama, tension, heartache, suspense and wonder of a meticulously-scripted epic (which, actually, I believe it is).  So, this is my place to reflect, ponder, vent, share on any and all aspects of the scope of this human experience – and I hope this might be a place for you to do the same.


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