nothing’ like a little divine intervention

I’ve been giving lots of thought to this whole resolution thing.   I don’t want to be lumped in the statistics of people who make resolutions but fall off the wagon. I really want to be thoughtful, strategic, focused on actually seeing things change.  Seeing me change.

This morning in my prayer time, I threw this out to the Lord: God, what areas do You want me to focus on? Where do I need to grow and change?

I think He gives us freedom to set some goals ourselves, things we want to explore and experience and ways we personally want to better ourselves.  But I think He has an agenda, too. Too often, I kinda set my own course in my excitement, just assuming that all my ideas are His ideas. Sometimes they are, but it’s a pretty big assumption to make.

After a somewhat stressful morning, I rushed off to work, lost in my thoughts and not really giving much attention to my prayer. Where I work, we start our day with faculty devotions, and the teacher sharing ended with a few phrases like “He can take your mess and make it your message, take a test and make it your testimony…

Later that day, in my email inbox, I got an advertisement for a book by Lysa TerKeurst, Made to Crave.  I’d heard of it, but I wasn’t particularly interested. Being the equivalent of white noise to me, it was sentenced to the Trash bin.

Fast forward to my drive home, and I put on the radio and happened to catch Focus on the Family’s  ‘Best Of’ programs. Well, none other than  Miss Lysa TerKeurst was being interviewed, talking about her book Made to Crave.   And she said something that sounded oddly familiar: “The first four letters of the word Messiah is mess.  He can take your mess and make that your message…”  And I began to wonder if God was saying something…

So, I arrived home shortly after – and sitting on my kitchen table was a catalog from Christian Book Distributors. I don’t even need tell you what book was on the front cover.

I think I got my first clue for my 2012 Treasure Map.

I love it when God breaks through into my world, gets my attention, connects all the dots in my day.  He doesn’t always do this; sometimes, I really need to do the work of  seeking  Him with all my heart. But man, the times when God seeks me out, gets my attention, actually points me in a direction…there’s nothing like it.

He is so good like that.


(**Have you ever experienced a moment of divine intervention? I’d love to hear about it!**)


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