never say never

I know next to nothing about football, but since being married, I’ve learned a little and can follow a game or season without sounding like a complete idiot.

I told him today that I thought the Bronco’s were going to win.  He sort of chuckled, knowing my lack of expertise concerning the intricate details pertaining to all things football.  Only a complete novice would say such a foolish thing.

Well, to all you other non-believers out there, feel free to watch it again  here for yourself.


3 thoughts on “never say never

  1. Ha ha! This oughta show ‘um! You tell it girl, and I’d pour some cold Gatorade down his back too. I think it’s customary to do that to the loser. Right? 😉

  2. It was so great!!! I’m not typically a huge football fan, but I was up on my feet screaming! lol (The husband likes Tebow too…just didn’t think they would pull it off!)

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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